Sat 28
Ladies 1st XI
Rickmansworth 1
S Starkey (5'), (15'), (25'), (54'), E Whitehall (48')
Victory for Luton Ladies 1s

Victory for Luton Ladies 1s

By Kyle Beirne
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Luton Town Ladies First XI get their first taste of victory for the 2019/20 season against Rickmansworth

* * * MATCH REPORT * * *

Ladies 1s v. Rickmansworth: 5-1 WIN ?
Keen to forget the utter embarrassment suffered at Blueharts last week (let’s blame it on the heat, shall we?), the Ladies 1s arrived at Challney (mostly) on time, ready and raring to go. With an average age of about 15, we expected the Rickmansworth team to put up some sort of fight, however they were no match for our pure, raw skills. Runs were made, passing happened and tbh we played with such cohesion that you’d think we’d been together forever (which may be true for some of us…?). Rickmansworth were clearly dealing with some internal squabbles as they kept arguing with each other, and we used that to our advantage by hammering a couple of goals home and proving that we were, indeed, The Better Team. Big thumbs up to Gale Charles for injuring one of their defenders 10 minutes into the first half, followed by Emma Whitehall taking out their star striker about a minute later. Down to 10 players, Rickmansworth threw everything they had at us and Charlotte P threw her entire body at the ball (and then the floor) in her desperation to get herself on the scoresheet. It’s tempting to DOD the entire forward line for spending at least 5 minutes playing tennis with the goalkeeper in the D; about a million shots on goal were taken which, in true Luton style, we failed to convert – honorary DOD mention to Rachel Shadbolt for momentarily forgetting what team she was playing for and clearing the ball across the goal and off the baseline instead of slotting it into the back of the net (love u rly?). There were a few hairy moments where we let them get on the breakaway but our asses were saved by our defence being SOLID – honourable MOM goes to Gale for a couple of stick saves that could have turned into goals had she not been there. They put one past us at some point but we were on such a high that I don’t even remember when or how it happened. At the end of the day, simple, sexy hockey was played by all and it showed in the FIVE goals that we sent home past their back line. As stated by Emma, “their goalie just disappeared”.
MOM – Suzanne Starkey for GOALS GOALS AND MORE GOALS – maybe give someone else a chance next week??

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Match date

Sat 28, Sep 2019



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Division One

League position

Luton 1
Rickmansworth 1
Suzanne Starkey

Player of the match

Suzanne Starkey